A Comprehensive Energy

Veritel Energy’s platform stands at the forefront of clean energy innovation, offering a fully integrated solution that encapsulateseverything from hardware installation to sophisticated software management.Designed to serve multifamily properties, our platform overcomes traditionalbarriers to clean energy, enabling a seamless transition to sustainable powersources.



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Join the Revolution

Join the Revolution: Veritel Energy is advancing the waymultifamily properties consume and manage energy. Our platform empowersproperty owners to become virtual utility providers, delivering clean,efficient, and reliable energy to tenants.

Hardware Ingenuity

At the core of our platform is the state-of-the-art energymanagement device, scalable across numerous submeters and capable ofintegrating renewable energy from various sources. This technology ensuresoptimal power distribution to meet tenant demands while meticulously trackingconsumption and generation.

Software Intelligence

Our platform's software component provides a user-friendlygraphical interface for tenants and landlords, offering complete visibility andcontrol over energy usage. It's designed to manage complex billing,distribution, and tenant-landlord-utility interactions, akin to thecomprehensive service ecosystem provided by platforms like Airbnb.

End-to-End Service

From initial design to end-of-life, Veritel Energy managesall aspects of the energy system. Our services include installation,compliance, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, and even billing, ensuring ahassle-free experience for all stakeholders.