Veritel Energy


Multi-family property owners wanting to take advantage of renewable energy and energy efficiency incentives as well as subsidies while increasing the desirability of their property.


Turn key multi-family and commercial property renewable energy design and installation expertise available. Creating renewable energy carbon offset calculations and certifications.


Engaging residents in your sustainability efforts will not only help you improve your property’s performance, but it may also lead to happier tenants who will be more likely to stay.

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Tony Keslinke

Tony Keslinke

Tony Keslinke is the Founder of Veritel Energy, where he is working to decarbonize the electrical grid and democratize renewable energy in at-risk communities. He is passionate about the power of using intelligent development in the built environment to deliver improved outcomes for communities and residents of workforce housing. Prior to his current venture, Tony worked in traditional real estate development creating hundreds of millions of dollars of public and private value during the past three decades. He is a UC Berkeley Golden Bear lifetime alumnus member and a proud father of a third year Cal mechanical engineering student.

Troy Keslinke – Co-Founder

Troy Keslinke, Co-Founder of Veritel Energy, is actively integrating renewable energy solutions and intelligent design for a sustainable future. He gained practical engineering experience through an internship at Farron, Augustine & Alexander Ltd and involvement with Berkeley’s Combat Robotics team. His projects, including the ‘AI Over-the-Board Chess Opponent’ and ‘Self Dodging Piñata,’ reflect his practical ingenuity. He also holds an Eagle Scout title and a Machine Learning Certificate from Stanford. A bilingual achiever, Troy was awarded the California State Seal of Biliteracy in Spanish. Currently, he is engaged in rigorous Mechanical Engineering studies at UC Berkeley, contributing to his path as a future Golden Bear.

Troy Keslinke